Tumble, Fumble, Res Life Rumble

The warm welcome for the new Wildcats has finally ended with the Res Life Rumble on Friday, September 29. Residential (Res) Life is a beneficial resource here at JWU that works with on and off campus students to create a sense of community throughout the school. Res Life Rumble brought residential students and commuter students alike together in one big dodgeball tournament. The Res Life staff also played along and defeated some students in a few rounds. The goal of Res Life Rumble was to engage all students, gather friends, and have some fun. The pressures of academics and labs have finally settled in as it has been a month since school began, and this event was a great way to help rid of some of that stress and focus on having fun.

Each team dressed in their own designated color shirt. Res Life Staff wore t-shirts that had said Res Life on them so people could tell them apart from the other groups. Two teams at a time were chosen to go up against each other. The dodgeballs were placed along a line painted on the center of the gym floor as the competitors lined up. As the whistle blew, the gym filled with the sound of feet pounding against the floor, and before you knew it, the dodgeballs were flying. Cheers from the crowds, as well as team members, began to fill the air, as well as the passing back and forth of words of encouragement.

I spoke to a few people from Res Life and they shared their reasoning behind holding events like this was to build up our community at JWU while at the same time having fun. Holding events like this helps to show the core values that the students here have- Pride, Character, Courage and Community. Overall the goal is to have a good time, and that is what the students did. The Inter Residence Hall Association lost to the residential halls. The winner of the tournament was South Hall.


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Samantha Lucier

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  1. GOAT October 10, at 20:35

    The Great Imperial Hall came in third, almost defeating 4 time dodgeball champion, The Village.


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