Getting to Know Your Campus: Harborside

The first few weeks of school are flying by and new students are becoming comfortable with their surroundings. Are they venturing out and using their campus to it’s full potential? At the Providence Campus, there are people from all around the country- as close as Rhode Island itself to as far away as Hawaii. Becoming comfortable in labs and academics is one way to start off, but are you aware of all the possibilities and offerings of the school? From a full library to a variety of dining options, the Providence campus is remarkable.

Let’s begin in the Friedman Center. The school library is a really nice place to go and get work done. You can request to use a study room, or sit at the tables in the front of the library. PC’s and Macs are available for you to use at your will. With books ranging from culinary nutrition, baking bread, and magazines on the same topics you are guaranteed to find what you need. You also have access to thousands of full text periodical articles and over 450 chef videos. The library is open seven days a week and hours vary.

Across from the library is Residential Life, Financial Services, Career Services, and the Center for Academic Support. These services are open to students with questions, or to those who just need guiding into the right direction.

The Friedman Center is also home of Harborside’s Liberty Market; you can purchase anything with your Flex Dollars or participate in their options for a meal swipe. Right behind the Liberty Market is Harborside’s Safety and Security. In Safety and Security, you can get parking passes/ bus passes for your guests as well as be there to help you if you have as issue. It’s their job, do not be afraid to go to campus security (S&S). Throughout the campus you will see Blue Light System towers. This system gets you in contact or help from a security officer in the area. S&S also work closely with the Providence Police Department. Lastly, “The Embers”, the bright fluorescent lights that stand out when their turned on is the Culinary Arts museum. Opened Tuesday to Thursday, The Embers is an equivalent to an extension of the library. Just scan your ID card and head on, the museum is food and drink friendly! Catch up on work, study, or just enjoy the atmosphere by yourself or with your friends.

All academic courses take place in the Harborside Academic Center (HAC). The HAC building is also home of four different computer labs and the HAC Amphitheater. The computer labs also include printers for you to utilize.

JWU’s classrooms are filled with no more than 40 students to one professor. Besides academic classes the HAC is home to Harborside’s Starbucks where you can use your swipes here as well as at Red Sauce.

For residential students South Hall, West Hall or Harborview is primarily where you would be living during your first year here at JWU. East Hall is also an option but it is currently being restored. You can get involved with the activities your RA’s put on. One of South Hall’s second floor RA’s, Lena did tie-dye in the afternoon, it was a blast! Utilize the TV and study rooms to get together with friends or different people from all floors and have fun.

There is also The Wildcat center. In the Wildcat Center, you’ll find the main gym as well as a second gym that plays as a host for intramural sports or practices on the first floor. The Fitness Center is on the second floor.  To use the fitness center, you must fill out a waiver and get a sticker put on your ID. Outside of the Fitness center there are places for you to hang out, relax or do work. The second floor of the Wildcat Center also has an Activities Center with pool tables. Sunday afternoons movies are hosted here as well. Next to the Wildcat center is the Harborside bookstore. Here you can find your books, apparel, as well as gifts for family. Behind the Wildcat center is where Health Services is located.

This year is a big year for every freshman, transfer student, as well as international students. There are over 100 different clubs between the Providence campuses. The Wildcat Wheels will be your go-to for taking you back and forth from both the Downcity campus as well as Harborside/Harborview. Explore the school, the different dining options, as well as the city of Providence. Get involved with clubs; it looks great on resumes. These next four years will be filled with some highlighted moments so make the most of them.

Samantha Lucier


Staff Writer