Ten Reasons Why You Should Join a Club

Especially First Year Students

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is a critical part in one’s well-being. You are not in college to just go to class every day and skate by. You’re there to find yourself as a person and a professional. Here are some reasons why joining a club can enhance your college experience:


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Being involved in something keeps you motivated

The trick is to find a support systems that keep you going and pushe you to do your very best. It is important in college to find an outlet that doesn’t have anything to do with school.

Gaining connections

Not only can you find personal connections and friends in clubs but you can also meet people in your specific industry that can potentially help you get that first job or internship.

Makes you well rounded

Employers are not looking for someone who can only do the job. They are looking for a diversified individual who is adaptable, adventurous, and flexible. The skills that you gain in clubs you join are sometimes transferable into professional atmospheres.

Can lead to joining other clubs

Weather you decide to join an intramural sports team on campus or an honors society you will meet people in these clubs who most likely are involved in other clubs. These people might also introduce you to other people in clubs which could foster new friendships.

It enhances a resume

Employers are looking for an individual can manage many different responsibilities at once. Weather you decide to become a chair in a club or you’re looking to only attend club meetings once every few weeks this will still stand out on a resume that you have great time management.

Boosts self esteem

Being involved in something healthy that you enjoy will make you feel good about yourself. If you can find a club to look forward to attending once a week than this could improve all aspects of life.

You set the example

By being involved on campus you are ultimately setting a good example and being a role model for other students on campus who might want to get involved but don’t know how.

Make more friendships

It might be pretty obvious but when you are involved in a club with people who enjoy the same thing you will gain more friendships. Having true friendships is an important part of the college experience.

Learn something new

By taking a risk and joining a club that you don’t know much about you are learning something new which is healthy.

You find like-minded people

If you want to do well in school and get good grades then it is important to find like-minded people who think the same way and have the same goals. Ultimately, when you join a club you will find people with similar interests who have similar goals as you.

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