How To Get to Concerts Safely Around Providence

WitAshley Barrowh the school year approaching there is a lot of entertainment going on. Not only will students from JWU attend events in Providence, but there will also be tons of local people who are looking to go to a concert or event on a Friday or Saturday night. With so much to choose from it can get overwhelmingly exciting in Providence on the weekends. The most important thing to remember is to stay safe when transporting to these different venues.

The Spot Underground is an entertainment venue and art gallery which presents live music daily, plus comedy & open mic night. This is located right on campus so there’s no need to drive and it often is crowded with college students so it would be hard to drive.

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is a concert venue located on Washington Street for pop, rock, and blues. It’s such an attainable five-minute walk from campus. If you are a commuter and you’re not living on campus, then you can always take the RIPTA to Kennedy Plaza and from there it is about a two-minute walk away.

AS220 is an arts complex of galleries & performance spaces. You’re most likely not going to want to drive to this venue because there is only street parking outside of it unless you want to park in the JWU parking garage or find street parking around campus. Your best bet is to walk from the JWU Gaebe bus stop if you are coming from another residence hall other than McNulty or Snowden. There is also a RIPTA stop next to the JWU Downcity bookstore on Empire Street which is almost directly across from concert venue.

The Dunkin Donuts Center is also a big concert venue. There is parking around that area, but it is not recommended to drive there as there are tons of people walking around and it often gets very crowded. If you are a commuter then you could take the JWU bus to Gaebe and easily walk about ten minutes to the venue.

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