Underrated: Netflix’s “The Get Down”


When most people refer to the culture of the 1970’s, the mind often only thinks of disco music and sparkly outfits. What many overlook is the birth of a musical genre that is so well loved throughout today’s society. The birth of hip-hop/rap was a monumental discovery amongst the music industry. Although it wasn’t documented until much later during the decade, hip-hop/rap began underground, and worked its way out of the shadows. Netflix’s “The Get Down” explores the dark world surrounding the hip-hip generation, and depicts just how hard it is to be successful within the music industry.

The series follows Ezekiel “Zeke” “Books” Figuero, a boy growing up in the depths of the Bronx. Zeke is a smart kid who has a natural talent for writing and stringing along words together to form poems. He’s in love with his girl, Mylene Cruz, and spends a solid amount of time working hard to secure their relationship. While not struggling with his daily life, Zeke finds himself forming a group called “The Get Down Brothers” with his best friends Shaolin, Ra-Ra, Boo-Boo, and Dizzee. Shaolin Fantastic is the DJ, something that many people within the music industry at the time couldn’t understand. The boys form a successful rap group, all while Zeke’s girl Mylene is becoming a disco star.

Each character within this show goes on their own personal journey to find success in the trying times living in the Bronx. Often, TV musicals can come across as corny or lame, but “The Get Down” is far from either of those things. This show allows viewers to go on the journey and watch the characters become successful in their own ways. It is the perfect mix of drama and entertainment for a Netflix original television show. Another factor that makes the show so great is the music. There are original disco songs and original raps that set the show above the rest of the TV musicals out there. The entire soundtrack is also up to be bought or streamed either on ITunes or Spotify. The songs will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Overall, if you are looking for something a bit lighter in tone and a bit more enjoyable then many recent Netflix original TV shows, then “The Get Down” is for you.

Gabrielle Tumminia 

A&E & Opinion Editor