Seven Ways to be Budget Savvy

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The theme of a recent BRIDGE Center’s Coffee Hour, which happens every Thursday from 2:30-3:30, was Student Life Hacks. Here are some of the tips provided at the event.

Utilize all the academic resources Johnson and Wales has, be it the Learning Center for tutoring and study skills workshops, the Writing Center for assistance in editing papers or the library database for an abundance of sources to cite.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy physique, take advantage of other opportunities outside of the college like the Brown University pool, which Johnson & Wales students can use for only $10.

Mental health is equally important as physical health. Be aware of all the options the university provides to support students such as Counseling Services and the Gender Equity Center.

A financially stable life is a necessity as well and with the Johnson & Wales Accounting and Finance majors preparing taxes free of cost for students and staff, this can be possible.

Eating well is vital and can be done by attending campus events that serve food, with the added benefit of meeting new people and learning about new topics.

Bistro 61 serves three course or four course meals for free to students or staff, although some teachers only allow students who are employed by the school.

Starbucks gives refills on hot or iced coffee or tea for only 50 cents.

Breaking up the monotony of daily life can be done with the RIPTA Bus pass, which provides unlimited use for one trimester at the low cost of $45. It allows students the opportunity to travel all over the state for events, concerts, sightseeing and more.

The RISD Museum is only $5 to visit Monday through Saturday and is free on Sunday.

The Providence Performing Arts Center sells rush tickets, tickets that become available only two hours before a show begins. Keep in mind these type of tickets can only be paid for in cash with a student ID and are 50 percent off for certain shows, saving students lots of money.


Samantha Riley

Lifestyle & Culinary Section Editor