Listen Up: April Music Playlist

Juja Han // Unsplash

Like the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” As of lately, it seems rain is the only type of weather Providence has been getting. To keep a positive attitude and allow good vibes to flow all around, here are eight songs that will have you dancing all month long.


Wait a Minute! – Willow

Remember the times where the song “Whip my Hair” was popular? Well, since that song, Willow Smith’s sound has evolved, and can be categorized as electro-pop. Upon first listen, you’ll be bouncing with every step you take, and will have this song on repeat constantly.

Get It Together – Drake ft. Black Coffee and Jorja Smith

The first of two Drake songs that will be appearing on this playlist, “Get it Together” is the perfect pump up song needed to survive the rain. Inspired by Jamaican dancehall, Drake’s entire album More Life will provide the right tunes to get you dancing.

Salad Days – Mac Demarco

If you need a song that is perfect for the few days it’s warm out and the windows can be rolled down, “Salad Days” is for you. Giving off a very calm and loose vibe, Mac Demarco’s music is much needed when you are looking to relax and hang out with friends.

1998 – Chet Faker ft. Banks

Another electro-pop styled song makes its way onto this list. Chet Faker’s “1998” is the song to play to liven up the dull days. Put on some roller skates and flared jeans and you’ll fit right in with the retro tone this song gives off.

Passionfruit – Drake

The second Drake song on this list is also heavily influenced by Jamaican dancehall tunes. One of the more popular songs off Drake’s most recent album, “Passionfruit” is an enjoyable tune that will have you ready for the month of April to fly by and school to be over!

Brazil – Declan McKenna

April may be filled with rain, but it occasionally has its better days. When it warmer, Declan McKenna’s “Brazil” is the perfect song to play while having a picnic or hanging in the park!

“Location” – Khalid

There are some rainy days where all you may want to do is chill out indoors and relax. Khalid’s “Location” has a steady beat that allows you to let your mind wander while looking at the rain and drinking some coffee, or any drink of choice.

“Cool Blue” – The Japanese House

This song is placed on this playlist because it’s essentially about rain and water. It’s a very fitting song for the month of April.

Gabrielle Tumminia

A&E & Opinion Editor