Aspiring Graduate Students Discover Resources

Kevin DeJesus

Students learned about graduate studies with professors, faculty and other students at the graduate studies mixer in Pepsi Forum on April 6. Academic services, Experiential Education, Career Services, and JWU Graduate Admissions were in attendance during the event.

Over pizza and other refreshments, students discussed their plans for the future and had the opportunity to take in key information regarding what the next steps would be for them. The event did not only revolve around students applying to the JWU Graduate School program, but it also included those students applying to graduate schools around the globe.

Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Michael R. Fein who mentioned he was happy to attend the grad planning workshop had this to say: “I was thrilled to see the enthusiasm of the many students who attended the Graduate Planning Workshop. In speaking with them, it’s clear that JWU undergraduates are increasingly envisioning graduate study as an important step on their personal pathways to professional success. So, one of our jobs is to ensure that students are getting the information they need to prepare themselves for success at the graduate level. I’m particularly pleased by the collaboration among the faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences, JWU Graduate Admissions, and Career Services & Experiential Education. Bringing these folks together in one room helped create a great forum for students to gain from the advice and experience of expert faculty, career coaches and admissions professionals.”

Fein went on to conclude, “None of this would be possible without the enthusiasm, support and organizing work of Dr. Kevin DeJesus (A&S), Donna Reminton (CS&EE), and Teresa Mauk (Grad Admissions).”

Ashley Barrow