BRIDGE Center Hosts JWU Goes Global Opening Ceremony

Ashley Barrow

The BRIDGE Center hosted the first of many JWU Goes Global events at the identity dialogues on Monday April 3. Keynote speaker and JWU alumna 1989-1993, Pam Kern, MS, LMS connected the continents as she revealed her passion for traveling and how she created it into a career.

JWU Goes Global is a series of weekly events to explore what makes up our identities and how we relate to others around us. Participants examine their own biases that they hold towards others, discuss ways to respond to prejudice that they encounter in their daily lives, and examine strategies to communicate with people who hold different views. Other JWU Goes Global events occurring at the BRIDGE Center are the Geography Series: India, JWU Goes Global: Weddings & Ceremonies, JWU Goes Global: Inspirations for Travel, Food, Wine, Culture, of Madeira & The Azores, JWU Goes Global: Private Club Industry & International Careers, and JWU Goes Global – CatPack Goes Global. The date and time of these events can be found on the JWULink under JWU Events section.

The opening ceremony included a parade of flags accompanied by JWU students. JWU Goes Global’s footprint is in academic, interpersonal, local and global engagement. A video was shown on this year’s cruise ship innovation.

Kern is Maritime Counselor & Crew Welfare Strategist with Holland America Line and Princess Cruises Alaska and the Yukon. During Pam’s conversation, she pointed out what it is like to work on a cruise ship for fourteen years with over fourty nationalities as neighbors and the world at Kern’s feet. Kern was shaped as a global citizen and leader of cultural experiences in a world classroom.

Pam engaged the students in the true activity which observed seven reasons to live below deck. The first reason is that the world will see your judgement. The second one is that you will be looking through a different lens. The third one involves the stories and slip ups which involves shared stories about global awareness. The fourth one is to be a global manager and citizen. She stated, “humor worked in an international setting with 40 nationalities…invest in people.” The fifth reason is to experience new opportunities. The sixth one is to learn how to make a difference. The seventh one is that careers don’t have to be linear.

Students engaged as they laughed with unexpected narratives of life at sea with three industries on one ship. Students truly discovered how Kern designed a passion into a career merging hospitality and mental health.


Ashley Barrow