Students Reflect On Spring Break Learning Experiences

Student Involvement & Leadership

During spring break students had a chance to take part in a variety of learning experiences. Students fundraised and contributed to the costs of the trips. This year there were three different learning experiences that JWU students participated in which all involved experiences.

Johnson & Wales Student Involvement & Leadership sponsored Alternative Spring Break (ASB) for the fourth year. Student Involvement & Leadership gave students the opportunity to attend a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to serve with Break A Difference. Break A Difference works with a multitude of causes that affect the city such as poverty, homelessness, and environmental issues. Students who were interested in participating in this ASB program had to apply and provide a resume and three references. They stayed at the YMCA in Druid Hill, traveled to service sites each day and spent time exploring the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.

JWU student Olivia Molokwu, was one of many who relished in their ASB experience. ”I can honestly say it has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. On the trip, I was able to work with several nonprofit organizations like the YMCA, Moveable Feast, and 6th Branch. Being able to dedicate a week to nothing but service and self improvement was an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about some of the problems that plague the Baltimore area and also about how to be an effective leader,” Molokwu expressed.

Johnson & Wales Special Events Society (SES) also hosted a learning experience. The hope was to give students an opportunity to gain more expertise in the events industry. The SES is a volunteer based organization. The Vice President of SES, Lacey Robicheau planned the trip with their E-Board. The trip was to Las Vegas, Nevada, and they were able to work with their parent organization, the International Live Events Association. “My freshman year I joined SES to get more experience in the events industry. It really has helped me to figure out exactly what I’d like to do with my degree and career after I graduate. This was my third spring break trip with SES. I have made lots of connections with industry professionals and learned a lot from going on these trips. I believe that every event you attend, you can learn something from, and that’s exactly what these spring break trips have done for me,” Robicheau stated.

JWU students who were interested in an International Leadership Experience (ILE) went to South Africa over spring break. Students traveled to regions of Johannesburg and Bushbuckridge, on behalf of Student Involvement & Leadership. The focus of the ILE trip to South Africa was on social responsibility, service, and global leadership. Kerri Cronin was one of the students who came out of the trip with a life-changing experience. She stated, “For me it felt amazing to enter into this entirely different culture from my own and be welcomed with open arms.  I learned so much about South Africa, its history, and most importantly its people.  I think that in order for people across the world to get along with one another, they must first spend time truly getting to know each other. Real connections are formed once there is a mutual understanding and acceptance of where we all come from. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of being over in South Africa, but can say that overall it was truly an incredible experience.”


Hayley Mignacca

News and Sports Editor